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2017 Medal Final Winners

Camelot Series High Point Awards

For the 2017 Show Year, $1,000.00 Gift Certificates to Calabasas Saddlery and Reserve Championship Bicycles will be awarded at years end to our High Point 2'6" & Over Rider and our 2'3" & Under Rider.
All Open, Jr, Am, & Jumper classes, that are not limited in some way, are pointed as well as the Camelot Hunter Challenge.
Classes that are limited and not pointed for example are Medals, Ponies, Green, Walk/Trot, etc. Classes with less than 3 riders will not be counted toward the series points.
Points are accured all year AT ALL CAMELOT EVENTS SHOWS. Nothing to join! Simply attend Camelot Event Shows & earn your points!
If you are riding two horses in the same pointed class, the highest ribbon gets full points and the second ribbon gets half points.
Once you have won a Camelot High Point Series award in your height division, you are no longer eligible to win another one.
A very special Thank You to KAREN LUCIAN for once again sponsoring our Year End Reserve Champion Bicycles!

Camelot Series High Point Results - 2017

Equine Insurance Medal Finals - 2017

The 2017 Montana Sliversmiths Equitation Challenge

Camelot Events is presenting once again the Montana Silvlersmiths Equitation Challenge. The High Score Equitation Rider at each show will receive a beautiful, custom Montana Silversmiths belt buckle. All Age-Break Equitation Classes count. All Equitation Riders on the Championship Lists from all Camelot Events shows will qualify for the Montana Silversmiths Equitation Finals.

The finals will be held at three heights:

• 2'6" for 11 and under "B" qualifying riders
• 2'9" for "B" qualifying riders
• 3' for all "A" qualifying riders

Montana Silversmiths Equitation Challenge - 2017 Champion: Melody Liu

Melody Liu
2017 Winner

Trainer: Heidi Misrahy

Camelot Hunter Challenge

The Camelot Hunter Challenge is a unique Handy Hunter Class, with fences at 3', for Junior and Amateur exhibitors. At the end of each round, the Judge asks the rider a question pertaining to the Hunter Division. The first and second place ribbon winners qualify for the $1,500 Finals held at The Camelot Classic at Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara. It is a two-round Finals with the second round held as a take-your-own-line class with specially designed obstacles such as a walk or lead over jump, mail to be retrieved and read, a jacket to be used creatively, etc.

Who knows what this year's obstacles will be? The entire purse will be presented to the winning horse with 50% going to the rider, 30% to the trainer, and 20% to the groom. Be sure to watch for these qualifying classes!

The Hunter Challenge is sponsored by Nancy Frost and Sapphire Ridge.

2017 Camelot Hunter Challenge Winner


Camelot Events TIP Jockey Club Champion

$500 TIP Jockey Club Champion  - Sports Ville and Cathy Witt

Sports Ville
2017 Winner

Cathy Witt
Trainer: Isabelle Ebner

Golf Cart Winners of Our Ride & Drive Classes

Camelot Events Hosts The San Fernando Valley Association Medal Finals At The Camelot Classic at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara

- 12 and under Medal
- 17 and under Medal
- 18 and over Medal
- Futures Medal
- Horsemanship 13 and under Medal

San Fernando Medal Finals 2017

Camelot Events Hosts The Tri Valley Horse Show Association Medal finals At The Fall Festival at Camelot Riding Club

- Stirrup Cup Medal
- Northstar Medal
- Mary Jan Watson Medal
- Horsemanship Medal
- Equine Insurane Medal
- Brad Simmons Medal

Tri Valley Horse Shows Association 2016 Medal Finals